About Me

My design experience stretches back about eleven years, involving mostly work for my own personal and hobby sites. I find inspiration in everything, and my greatest loves always find their way into my work in some manner. Much like creative writing, you put yourself in your work. And that kind of passion keeps the inspiration thriving.

Areas of Specialty

  • Graphic Design (mainly web, but also experienced with print projects)
  • Front-end design (chiefly HTML & CSS)


I hold a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Classical Studies, with personal research focuses in Roman history and historiography. There is nothing quite as thrilling to study as history, and I shall always love reading and writing about it. I also recently earned my MLIS, with a focus in information technology. As the technical landscape changes around us constantly, there is an equally persistent need to evolve in the way we engage and share information. The limits come only in our imaginations.

So while my formal schoolwork is not in design, I have for the last ten to eleven years observed and experimented, and improved my own visual techniques. My portfolio is an ever-evolving, breathing body of work. It will continue to grow and change with my skill set.


When I'm not working on design of some sort, I'm often to be found enjoying a videogame or two - or several! I've been playing for as long as I could hold a controller, and my love for the experience that is a well-crafted videogame has not waned since. I'm also a creative writer, and am currently working on the initial draft of a novel, the first book in a planned trilogy. I love storytelling, and am very excited to do some of my own!

Why "Clarus Corvinus"?

Latin is a beautiful and powerful language that I'm very grateful for having been exposed to over the course of my studies. With my design portfolio, I wanted to pay homage to that personal and academic history of mine. And given that my family name is the Scottish version of the old Latin word "corvus", which means "raven", I was determined to work it in to my creative life. Thus, "Clarus Corvinus" has become the name for my design collective, "Illustrious Little Raven".