PROJECT: Helmerich Collaborative Learning Center branding - OU Libraries

DATE: June 2014

OBJECTIVE: Brand creation for the library's new space

NOTES: The Helmerich Collaborative Learning Center is a new area for innovative student learning. It's also going to be a place for faculty to utilize the power of technology to facilitate research. The area's design is unique, not physically reflective of anywhere else in the library itself. My task, to create a design that would embody the fun, the energy, and unique quality of the HCLC, would begin like most of my other projects - I would look to the architecture for clues and leads. After studying the shapes and colors of the new space, I sketched some initial drafts. This is a singular case in which my very first design is the one desired by the client. 

I did do some color tweaking for the purpose of matching signage, but the main design has been selected for use. It will be part of the HCLC's overall branding effort, to be used on not just signs and posters, but also takeaway items and stationery.